Thursday, 1 March 2018

My First Love?? (Part 1)

            Hi my name is Laila, I am just a normal teenager who is at the age of falling in love. Well I think is normal right all teenagers from all around the world will fall in love at this age. Also at this age there are a lot of them who started to try to have an relationship, well I have a friend who are already in the relationship. They seems happy with each other and it gave a vibe that their relationship will last long forever, so it seems that I am the only single girl after all. I will always keep them accompany when they went for their date because people say it's better to go out with 3 people but not 2. Well I am actually not okay with that, why do I have to always keep them accompany? Why is it better to have 3 people and not 2. Is not that I hate my friend is just that it's awkward. I try my best to give so many reason not to follow them but somehow she makes me follow her on their date, as I say it was awkward. Why? well they are on their date and I am all alone by myself walking with them and couldn't be bothered by their conversation it felt like I'm just there for guarding them. So I have follow my friend since their started their relationship when they are 16 until now which actually at an age where people can say they are illegal adult, it has been about 3 years already. After this 3 years past while following them my friend and her boyfriend has asked me, "Laila, can I ask you something?". "Yeah sure Jake, what is it all about?", I asked back . Yeah I forgot to introduce them right well my friend name is Lucy and her boyfriend is Jake, they literally like a family to me because Lucy is like an elder sister for me and somehow Jake is like a brother in law, ok back to the story. "Don't you have anybody in your mind, like a crush or a guy who make you fall in love with them?", Jake asked. I was literally choking with the word he say, so I replied "I don't think so, why are you asking though?". "Well you are pretty, and mostly most of the boys love you, you just perfect that no one can explain", he said. "Jake are trying to flirt with me? Well if you are please stop I don't want Lucy to be hurt". Lucy came after she went to the toilet and Jake continue to speak, "Well it is not about that, I will never hurt her. Is just that I'm curious because at this age everybody will have this one crush or a person they like and they will confess to you and that is how their started their relationship". Lucy reply, "Well darling she just not interested in guys". Woah, calm down there is not that I'm not interested in them is just that I feel like I don't believe in 'L.O.V. E' . There is a reason why I don't believe it, it was  very nice day on the 22nd of march 2016 and I literally has fallen in love with this one guy.
          He was just perfect and so kind, he melts my heart every single day. I know him but he doesn't know me, so just like a normal day I was watching him every single day without him noticing it. Then suddenly I got an offer from the teacher tell me to join in this club which I love and that club was a music club. As I was joining in the club he was there, with all my anxious and curiosity feelings he suddenly greet me, "Hey there, are you Laila? Mrs. Bricks has told me that you are our new member". My heart was pounding, I stare into his sparkly eyes without knowingly I have been staring at him for about 2 minutes already."Hello!! are you alright, I was asking you a questions why aren't you answering", He say. After that, I came back from my day dream "Ah yes, I am alright. Thank you for your concern and by the way my name is Laila". He laugh at me while saying "You are quite cute, by the way Laila my name is Hwa In Park". For all this time, finally I've know his name. "What an interesting name! It seems like one of those name that came from Korea". "Well I am korean but I was born here and my parents has started working here" he say. While waiting for Mrs. Bricks to come we have fully introduced ourselves for about an hour now, Mrs. Bricks came and say, "So have guys know each other now?". Both of us nodded at the same time while giving an eye contact, "do you have any idea why both of you are here?", she continues. Actually, right why am I here anyway. I am interested in music but I'm not sure why suddenly Mrs. Bricks has told me to join this club anyway. "Well the reason I call both of you is because, I have seen a potential in both of you which is you guys can sing and since the singing competition will be here soon. Why not both of you work on a duet and also I know that you guys can composed a music. Will you give it a try?". "Are you crazy! I've literally will work on a project with him, I mean like just the two of us", I say in my head. Then he saw me with a smirk on his face and say "Yeah sure, why not? I will find a date for both of us can start working on it and I think this project will be awesome". I have got nothing to say but I just went with the flow by nodding my head. After Mrs. Bricks have gave us a little bit briefing, he suddenly asked me, "How about we start tomorrow after school?" and I replied, "I think so, well I'm not sure yet because I actually have to inform this to my parents and hopefully they are fine with it". "I see then sure, why don't you take my number and inform me once you got an answer from your parents? Anyway I'm sure they will give you this big opportunity", he say with a smile on his face. He was such a dreamy guy and I started to fall in love more deeper.

New project

Hey guys, It has been a long time right, Well I have an Idea where I will be starting writing my own story with my own imagination and My first story will be published after you read this. For the time being I will post by following the chapter and please feel free to comment or give any thoughts on what should I write for the next story . Also if you like this first story please tell me how many part do you want for that story.. If you are a KPOP fan and you wanted me to do a Fanfiction please feel free to email or comment on which artist you want me to do and what is the story all about.. Hopefully I have a good result in this story I will may inform you guys on what day is the next story or part will be published. Yeah hope you guys like ittt.... :)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

The New Life

Well every single day they be a new life that is coming after me.. this year 2015 I actually live in a most different place of all I'm still in Malaysia but in a different state. The experience in my life is actually kinda not easy. Why? Well in my new life I need to make a new friends and also concentrating in studying now... because there is a big test that is coming up for this year that is called PT3. In a last few years I was concentrating with TIMSS which I presented Malaysia.... TIMSS will have every 2 years, But now since I'm in a different school I would not doing that test anymore, so to all my friends I would like to say GOOD LUCK...... New experience in my new school is kinda interesting because all of the students in this school is all supporting, every single time no matter where we are we are fiends that is helping each other.... sharing laugh and loads more... Right Now Im in Cameron Highland .... Cameron Highland is the most coolest place in Malaysia is actually following the season of coldness.... This place is such a great place for releasing stress with such a great view and also is place where all the tourist can come and visit with all the exciting and beautiful places.... But if you come to Cameron Highland you must visit the Agro Park Mardi to have a look at all the great views. Also for those who are interesting with an outdoor adventure you can go for Jungle Tracking to go to the tallest mountain to see such an great view but you must be ready with an equipment that is suit for jungle tracking..... Well I think that is it from me hope you enjoy reading ^_^

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

2013 A new life

Well is already 21st of August 2013. I been to school for a month is actually fun, but I love to go to school because all my friend from 2009 is there. I feel much safer and protected, anyway I still miss UK, my friends, the Firth Park family. Especially the Firth Park family they really like my family for real. Im just so lucky to study in UK . Yestereday on PJ I play badminton, long time didnt play it and it reminds me of UK I was learning badminton and now im better at it ! Thanks Miss Spurr you helped me so much and you such an a great teacher. I miss all my teachers at Fir Vale Secondary School is amazing. Now I have started with a new life and a new day. All of my friend here is amazing by the way I love my class because they are so funny !!!!!!! Just love my class eventhough I dont get along to well, but they still helped me and gave me a courages. Well that is it from me , so I will say FIGHTING!!!!! And HWAITING!!!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

am I weird ?

Is there anyone who thinks your weird ?
Well I have, is a bit upsetting for me since I was in Year 5. People can just say to you "Hey you look like Chinese". "No I think she come from Japan,Korea or China !" Well people cant judge you when they not know you yet, when I came to overseas I was thinking what if people think that I'm weird and the way that I look. I am so worry if people will think you like that, but when people think you weird well leave them if they keep on saying bad stuff to you well don't ever answer back they will get tired of it, I've tried this and it actually really works. Well not a couple weeks a go this boy in my class has wind my friend up, then I said to him, "Would you leave them alone and be quiet", and then he said "You shut up your Pitt bull". I was really upset and mad then my tears leaking out in front of my class. I don't care what they say, but if people do that to you just ignore them because they never knew about you. If you got a problem well tel your friend, teacher, parents or you can just leave them alone and stuck up for yourself, so they wont do it again. :)  

Friday, 22 March 2013


Assalamualaikum to all my viewers, my name is Nur Farzana Zulhazmi. I am 13 years old I have a great opportunity to study overseas, but when I study at the UK the school is very different from the school in Malaysia. We got to play about not much H/W (Homework) and the teacher is so kind no matter what. I have a problem when I came here I started Primary School since Year 6, it is not easy for me to catch up as quick as I can well I actually started halfway of Year 5. The teacher is amazing and so kind....... Then I realize I actually have to work hard to get a good grade when I go back to Malaysia. It is not easy, but somehow my English is a bit off. I really want people who age like me read this blog because I want them to know how my life has been and how people think about you. This blog has really inspired me because I have read a book called Double Dork Diaries, I really have thought to write my diary and show it to people but instead my mum has said do a blog about people. Well I guess is alright to let people know how my life is. So here I am with my life story.......................