Saturday, 4 April 2015

The New Life

Well every single day they be a new life that is coming after me.. this year 2015 I actually live in a most different place of all I'm still in Malaysia but in a different state. The experience in my life is actually kinda not easy. Why? Well in my new life I need to make a new friends and also concentrating in studying now... because there is a big test that is coming up for this year that is called PT3. In a last few years I was concentrating with TIMSS which I presented Malaysia.... TIMSS will have every 2 years, But now since I'm in a different school I would not doing that test anymore, so to all my friends I would like to say GOOD LUCK...... New experience in my new school is kinda interesting because all of the students in this school is all supporting, every single time no matter where we are we are fiends that is helping each other.... sharing laugh and loads more... Right Now Im in Cameron Highland .... Cameron Highland is the most coolest place in Malaysia is actually following the season of coldness.... This place is such a great place for releasing stress with such a great view and also is place where all the tourist can come and visit with all the exciting and beautiful places.... But if you come to Cameron Highland you must visit the Agro Park Mardi to have a look at all the great views. Also for those who are interesting with an outdoor adventure you can go for Jungle Tracking to go to the tallest mountain to see such an great view but you must be ready with an equipment that is suit for jungle tracking..... Well I think that is it from me hope you enjoy reading ^_^

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